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How we came into being

Back in late 2006, a small group of us had asked Anna, the Warden at that time, to lead a Limestone Way walk.  Halfway through the walk, we asked whether there was a Friends' group we could join, since we were keen to find out more about the Wrens Nest National Nature Reserve and support it in any way we could.

Anna replied that there wasn't a Friends' group,but she'd love to have one!  That's all it took!  Right there, in the middle of a field adjacent to Tipton Road, Sedgley, 'Friends of Wrens Nest National Nature Reserve' was founded!(now usually referred to as Friends of Wren's Nest - not so much of a mouthful!).  Not only did we possess some relevant skills (not only financial, because we had an accountant and a banker with us on that particular walk, but the legal and secretarial professions were also represented), we also had a burning desire to do what we can to raise awareness of the importance of the Reserve and to safeguard it for future generations.

Anna had previous experience of Friends' groups and knew that these can sometimes be counterproductive - 'Fiends', rather than 'Friends'!  We reassured her that this would not be the case with Friends of Wren's Nest: our aim was - and is - primarily to support the Wardens in their work. We recognise that they have the specialist skills and knowledge and all of their decisions are made in the best interests of the Reserve.  

We also made a firm decision at the time our group was founded that we should endeavour to make it warm and welcoming, offering a range of activities to suit all interests - walks, talks, fundraising activities, etc.

Many of our number are still in full-time employment, so there is a limit to what we are able to do, but nonetheless, we believe that we have already made a significant contribution to the Wrens Nest National Nature Reserve and our hope and intention is that this should not only continue, but strengthen and grow over the years to come.  

Some of our members grew up close to Wrens Nest and have fond memories of playing there as a child, others had perhaps never visited it but now, having discovered its beauty and importance, right here on our doorstep, share our passion.

You'll find out more about the work we - and the Wardens - do elsewhere on this site.  Please don't hesitate to come along to any of the events - you are guaranteed a warm welcome!   

Friends of Wrens Nest National Nature Reserve - founded in 2006

Friends of Wrens Nest National Nature Reserve